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Words from Our Founder and CEO, Esmeralda Molina

“For 30 years, I experienced suffering caused by painful menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding between periods. Countless medications including hormone therapy in contraceptive forms, over-the-counter meds, and prescribed narcotics nulled my life for weeks at a time. Yoga and acupuncture could not avoid four surgeries in a six-year period. This was my life living with endometriosis.

I could have avoided all of this pain with early surgeries, but as a young woman, I had dreams of motherhood. I told my doctors that losing my ovaries and uterus was not an option.

Becoming a Mother

Motherhood came and blessed me with two beautiful daughters. Waiting on having those surgeries proved instantly worth it. As the years went by and my little girls became young women, I started to see my genes were passed on to them.


I was terrified with the thought that Grace, my eldest daughter had started on the same unforgiving path as I had to take. Her symptoms became worse than mine, experiencing fainting due to pain when on her menstrual cycle. I received many calls from her school, summer camps, and early jobs asking me to retrieve her. She had passed out again, exclaiming excruciating abdominal pain.

The doctors offered same solutions as those prescribed to me 30 years before including; contraceptives therapy, resulting in reducing her periods and suffering to only four times a year, and prescribed narcotics that would suppress her pain, but also would keep her missing life, sleeping in bed three to four days at a time. Those were not viable solutions for me, or for my 14-year-old daughter.

As a mother, I couldn’t bear my child’s suffering. I remember the day she told me, “Mom, help me, please! You are my mother and you are supposed to help”, just before she fainted. I felt destitute but determined to find something that would help my child.

Looking for a Solution

I began researching the physiological reasons that would explain why a female body goes into such a violent, shocking, and dysfunctional state. Then, as I lay next to a heavily medicated Grace, I decided to find funtional alternatives to those prescribed by her doctors.

I came across countless blogs and medical journals describing my daughter’s situation, and I found an answer. In preparing for ovulation, the body needs, utilizes and depletes essential vitamins and minerals, normally found in our diets. The problem arises when our diets do not include all the essential nutrients that help with normal muscle, nerves, and mood functionality. It is this deficiency that is responsible for the chaotic monthly outcomes. This is how Saving Grace™ was born.

Putting an End to the Suffering

The first month Grace had a dosage of the formulation, she was able to feel the difference. The excruciating pain, fainting, and missing life became just a bad memory. My second daughter, Sophia, was also spared from this suffering thanks to Saving Grace™. Now both of my daughters are able to save their grace at school, work, everywhere and everyday of the month.